As a full-service property management company, Charles H. Greenthal Management Corp. is able to offer a complete range of specialized services and an extraordinary degree of personal attention that are not available from other firms.

Managements objective is to grow your real estate investment in a safe and efficient manner which also enhances the quality of life in the building. As the board determines corporate policy, we support their decision making process and then implement your directives into the day-to-day management of the building.

Record Keeping

We offer the most comprehensive reporting in the industry. We include financial highlights, general ledger detail, summary and detailed profit and loss statement, disbursement register, open payables, a summary billing and collection report, bank reconciliation and bank statements.

At the end of each month, we provide your Board with a monthly report.

In addition, we have a team of financial analysts who review your report for accuracy and significant variances, and when warranted, they will bring the variances to the attention of the Board and the property manager.


When we prepare the annual budget we obtain input from members of the board, your property manager, the superintendent and other professionals. . We review the projected expenses and income and make recommendations based on these projections.

Property Management

To each property in our portfolio we assign a property manager who regularly inspects the building with your resident manager/superintendent, recommends repairs and maintenance, supervises contractor activity and responds to complaints and inquiries.

The property manager reports to the executive committee who reviews management performance and they assist the board with corporate policy and administration. Our representatives attend board meetings which are held at your convenience at our offices or your own building.

Mindful of the need to adhere to the budget, we carefully monitor income and expenses such as billings, collections, payroll, utilities, repairs and maintenance, insurance, taxes, debt services, capital expenses and cash flow.

We supervise the purchase of supplies and equipment and use a written purchase order system, requiring the confirmation of the building superintendent and approval of the property manager prior to payment. Major items and services are discussed with the board prior to purchase.

Competitive bids are secured when necessary and are reviewed subject to the specifications and recommendations of our engineering department.

To facilitate communication we act as a liaison between your fellow residents, staff, contractors and the Board. Greenthal has also established an emergency protocol for dealing with natural disasters and other similar situations. Furthermore, we have off-site control facilities located in the Tri-State area to ensure continuous operation and uninterrupted service.

Asset Management

Greenthal offers asset management services to all of our clients. With our sophisticated financial reporting systems and resources, we are able to offer a wide range of management and monetary strategies and prioritize our clients' requirements and interests.

We work closely with our property management team and leasing agents to oversee and provide the following financial services to our clients:

  • An annual business plan including operational and capital budgets, variance analysis, cash flow and distribution analysis, a revenue management plan and market condition and competitive analysis reports
  • Quarterly and monthly reporting
  • Supervision of property management activities
  • Oversight of third party contract bidding
  • Monitoring of capital improvement programs
  • Supervision of leasing agents and commercial lease negotiations
  • DHCR, MCI, Real Estate and Tax Certiorari proceedings
  • Maximization of total returns for each asset through analysis of property efficiencies and identification of opportunities for improved performance

If you are interested in our services, please contact Mark Pollack at 212-340-9396 or e-mail him at mpollack@greenthal.com.

Compliance Department

Greenthal's Compliance Department stays on top of all new laws and regulations, allowing our managing agents to ensure Greenthal managed buildings are always in compliance. To minimize fines and penalties for noncompliance, the compliance department closely monitors the expiration and renewal dates for:

  • Mortgages
  • Real Estate taxes
  • Insurance
  • Legal documents
  • Licenses
  • Permits
  • Building certificates

The Department interacts with these Agencies:

  • Department of Buildings
  • Fire Department
  • Environmental Control Board
  • Unions

The Compliance Department maintains Greenthal's approved vendor list and fully vets new vendors seeking to serve our clients. All building employees are also fully vetted.

Special Services

Greenthal Special Services Engineering Division oversees building upgrades, such as facade restoration projects, sidewalk/vault repairs and replacements, boiler/burner replacements, gas/oil conversions, installations of stainless steel chimneys/liners, elevator equipment upgrades and replacements, building security systems, intercom systems, BuildingLink systems, building-wide lighting upgrades and replacements and geothermo systems. The Special Services Division has extensive experience dealing with federal, state and city safety laws and regulations and is experienced at managing contracts for new construction and the upgrade of structural and mechanical equipment.