CHG 2021 Memo_Governor Cuomo Announces 22-Hour Subway Service Will Start February 22nd (#276)

CHG 2021 Updated CDC Travel Advisory (#264)

CHG 2021 Memo_Gov. Cuomo Announces Proposal to Bolster Protections for Residential & Commercial Tenants (#259)

CHG 2021 Memo_The US. Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS) Warns of COVID-19 Vaccine Scams (#258)

CHG 2021 Memo_NYC to open vaccine sites for group 1b (#257)

CHG 2021 Memo_60 Percent of New Cases transmitted by Asymptomatic people. Remain Vigilant - Continue Wearing Masks (#256)

CHG Memo_Vaccine Appointments Available for Phase 1A Eligible New Yorkers (#255)

CHG Memo_NYC Department of Education Public School COVID Case Map (#252)

CHG Memo_FFCRA Protected Paid Leave Expired 12-31-20 NYS Emergency Paid Sick Leave (#251)

CHG 2020 Memo_NYCs Covid-19 Zone Finder (as of 12-14-20) (#248)

CHG 2020 Memo_CDC Tips on Mask Usage (#246)

CHG 2020 Memo_NYS DOH Announces Get Covered Today National Campaign (Deadline Dec. 15th) (#245)

CHG 2020 Memo_New York State COVID-19 Report Card (#244)

CHG 2020 Memo_Governor Cuomo Announces COVID-19 Winter Plan (#243)

Governor Cuomo Announces Launch of New York Forward Small Business Lease Assistance Parternship 12/11/20 (#241)

MTA Service During Coronavirus Pandemic (Per MTA Updated 11/17/20 (#229)

NYC Health + Hospitals List of COVID-19 Testing Sites(#227)

MTA Service During Coronavirus Pandemic (Per MTA Updated 11/17/20 (#229)

New York City Prepares to Enter Phase III Reopening (#159)

NYS DOH Travel Advisory Effective June 25th, 2020 (#156)

Recommendations for “Best Practices” for Conducting Residential Real Estate Transactions During Phase II (#155)

Memo_Clarifications on the Four (4) Phases or NY Forward (#152)

Reopening & Safety Protocols (#151)

Reopening the Gym Amenity-COVID-19 Supplemental Gym Rules (#149)

Memo_NYC June 8th Phase I Reopening Protocols (#145)

MTA Announces 13-point Plan for Safe Return to “Normal Service” (#144)

Governor Cuomo issues Executive Order 202.36 Allowing Low Risk Outdoor Recreational Activities (#141)

Citywide Curfew Extended to June 2nd 8PM (#140)

CDC Guidance Parents Related to Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C) in Children Associated with COVID-19 (#134)

CDC Guidance On When It’s Safe to Socialize with Others (if you overcame COVID-19 or fear you may have it) (#133)

CHG-2020 Coronavirus Memo_Planned Flyover for May 29th at 1pm (#132)

NYC Consumer & Worker Protection – Warnings against COVID-19 Scams and Safety Tips (#131)

Update Regarding New Proposed Legislation in New York State Related to Evictions & Remote Meetings,Notarizations (#130)

Vote Safely During COVID-19 (#128)

Alternate Side Parking Suspended Until June 7th, 2020 (#125)

Memorial Day Weekend Message (#123)

Governor Cuomo Extends His Emergency Powers Until June 13th and P.A.U.S.E Until May 28th. (121)

CityMD Offering Free COVID-19 Testing Uninsured New Yorkers (120)

Governor Cuomo Extends P.A.U.S.E. Mandate Until May 28th (#118)

CHG 2020 Memo_Peppa Pig and Friends Show Children the Fun in Handwashing (#119)

24- Hour Online Vigil Scheduled for May 20th - #NamingTheLost (#117)

Congress Set to Vote on the “Heroes’ Act” (#116)

Mayor De Blasio Opens 12 more miles of “Open Streets” and 9 miles of Temporary Bike Lanes (#115)

Coronavirus Loan Programs (#114)

CHG 2020 Memo_ COVID-19 House Rules for Residential Buildings (#113)

Governor Cuomos Phased Reopening Plan (#112)

Evidence of New COVID-19 -Related Severe Illness in COVID-19 Positive Children (#110)

Planned Flyover in honor of “VE” Victory in Europe Day May 8th at 12-30 (#108)

NYS Wear A Mask Video Contest – Deadline for Submissions May 15th (#103)

Mayor De Blasio Opens 2 More Miles of Open Streets Effective May 7th (#106)

COVID-19 Related “Hate Crimes” (#91)

NYS Attorney General – Protecting CARES Act Stimulus Payments from Debt Collectors (#90)

New York State Provides Ways to “Get Involved” (#89)

Gov Cuomo Signs Executive Order to Ensure All New Yorkers Can Vote While Social Distancing_4-23-20 (#83)

Gov Cuomo Announces New Domestic Violence Text Program & Online Service_4-23-20 (#82)

Special Insurance Enrollment Period for NY State Health (Period ends May 15, 2020)_4-23-20 (#84)

Situational Update 4-24-2020 Update (#81)

Staying Connected with Family and Friends While Social Distancing (#79)

Federal Guidelines for “Opening Up America Again” (#78)

Assorted Programs & Resources to Support Residents & Commercial Tenants

NYC Dept. of Education Information & Resources for Home Schooling (#77)

People Who are at Higher Risk for Severe Illness (#66)

WHO Warns of Scams & Criminals Pretending to be WHO Representatives (#63)

Financial Resources to Support Residents & Commercial Tenants (#60)

CDC Tutorial on Making Cloth Face Masks

WHO Health Alerts Brings COVID_19 Facts to Billions Via WhatsApp


NYC COVID 19 Engagement Portal






SCAM ALERT 3-21-20(#23)





Executive Order_202.42 (Allows gatherings of 25 or fewer in Phase II and social distancing disinfecting protocols adhered to)

Executive Order_202.41 (Phase 3 Industries, Continued limit 10 or less, PIII works return in certain industries and regions)

Executive Order_203 (NYS Police Reform)

Executive Order_202.40 (Nursing homes in P2 Regions Must Test All Personnel Once a Week, Education Election Rules)

Executive Order_202.39 (Absentee Ballot, Outdoor Eating Svc in P2 Only, 2 weeks after satifying P2 non essential may return to work)

Executive Order_202.38 (Temp Checks, Deny Entry, Outdoor Eating Allowed Now, Church 25 Percent Occupancy allowed in Phase II)

Executive Order_202.37 (Special Education Services Summer Term May Resume)

Executive Order_202.36 (Allowing low risk outdoor recreational activities for Phase I regions)

Executive Order_202.35 (Relaxes Restrictions for Phase II Reopening)

Executive Order_202.34 (Biz can deny entry for any not wearing a mask, Gatherings of 10 or less once meet Criteria).pdf

Executive Order_202.33 (Permits non essential getherings of 10 or fewer for any lawyful purpose with social distancing).pdf

Executive Order_202.32 (Real Property Tax Extended WO Interest up to 30 days later).pdf

Executive Order_202.31 (PAUSE Extended to 5-28-20)

Executive Order_202.30 (Nursing Home Testing Reporting & Oversight)

Executive Order_202.29 (Mandatory Face Maks, Offering Plans, Testing, Marriage License & Video Marriage Extended Until June 7th)

Executive Order_202.28 (Tenant Securty Deopsits Used to Pay Rent, Evictions Ban Extended)

Executive Order_202.27 (Extend EO202 Allowing Health Care Pofessionals w-o NY License to Operate in NY)

Executive Order_202.26 (Allow Absentee Ballot Applications, Education Elections and Misc. Re Election Law)

Executive Order_202.25 (Birthing Support, Elective Surgery Authorized as Long as Monitor Hospital Capacity)

Executive Order_202.24 (Authorizing Licensed Pharmacists to order and administer COVID19 Tests)

Executive Order_202.23 (Absentee Ballot for June 23rd Election)

Executive Order_202.22 (Real Property Tax)

Executive Order_202.18 (Offering Plan Ext, Face Masks & Ext. of Stay-at-Home Until May 15th)

Executive Order_202.17_(Mandatory Use of Masks or Face Coverings)

Executive Order_202.16_(Employers to Provide Masks or Face Coverings)

Executive Order_202.14_(PPE Resources to be Reported to DOH for Distribution)

Executive Order_202.20 (Marriage License Applications)

Executive Order_202.19 (Statewide Testing Prioritization, Nursing Home Notifications, PPP Employer Notifications)

Executive Order_202.11 (Extended PAUSE 4-15-20)

Executive Order_202.9 (Mortgage)

Executive Order_202.8 (100 Non Essential, Evictions & Tax Penalties)

Executive Order_202.7 (75% Non Essential & Notary Services)

Executive Order_202.4 (50% Staff & School Closings)

Executive Order_202.2 (Election Law)

Executive Order_202.3 (Restaurants Bars and Gyms Closed)

Executive Order_202.18 (Offering Plan Ext, Face Masks & Ext. of Stay-at-Home Until May 15th)

Emergency Executive Order #104 (Mayor DeBlasio)_3-20-20 (Extends EE103 & Enforcement)

Emergency Executive Order #103 (Mayor DeBlasio)_3-25-20 (Telecommuting)

Emergency Executive Order #102 (Mayor DeBlasio)_ 3-20-20 (Closing non essential businesses, take out only)

Emergency Executive Order #101 (Mayor DeBlasio)_3-17-20 (State Procurement & Car Pooling Ban)

Emergency Executive Order #100 (Mayor DeBlasio)_3-16-20 (Local Elections, Bars & Restaurants, Elective Procedures)

Emergency Executive Order #99 (Mayor DeBlasio)_3-15-20 (Limits on Public Gatherings)

Emergency Executive Order #98 (Mayor DeBlasio)_3-12-20 (Local State of Emergency)

Emergency Executive Order #55 (Mayor DeBlasio)_3-8-20 (Ban on Non Essential Foreign Travel)


NY Forward Reopening Guide

NBC_How to Get NYC’s Free COVID-19 Antibody Test_5-7-20

COVID-19- Guidance for People Who Are Pregnant, Breastfeeding or Caring for Newborns (eng)

Best Practices for Dust Mitigation and Control in Occupied Buildings with...

NYC Help Now Assistance for Individuals

Fraud Advisory - Benefit Suspension Due to Office Closures

IRS - Tax Day Now July 15th - IRS Extends filing deadline

IRS_Treasury, IRS & Labor Announce COVID Related Paid Leave & Tax Credits for Midsized Companies 3-20-20

NYC DOF Memorandum 3-20-20 Real Property Transfer Tax Filing Extension (COVID19)

NYS Gov Cuomo Signs NY On Pause Exec Order 3-20-20

Social Security COVID-19 Related FAQ's 3-20-20

NYC Health COVID-19 FAQ for Buildings

NYS Dept. of Law AG Memo Guidelines Affecting the Sale of New & Converted Coop/Condo Apartments 3-25-20

Social Security COVID-19 Related FAQ 3-20-20


The CooperatorTownHall_Getting it Right-Reopening Your Building Safely & Sensibly_6-11-20

Gothamist_Cuomo and De Blasio Say NYC is on Track to Enter Phase 2 of Reopening on Monday June 22nd_6-17-20

Gothamist_Cuomo Says He Will End His Streak of Daily Briefings On Covid-19_6-17-20

NYT_Is it Ok to Have Your Air-Conditions Installed Yet_6-13-20

BISNOW_CRE Groups Ratify Return to Work Guidelines as NYC’s Phased Reopening Starts_6-8-20

Law 360

BISNOW_NYC Won’t Reopen Until At Least June, Mayor Says_5-11-20

Top Health Officials Testify Before Senate on Safe Reopening Amid COVID-19 5-12-20

TheWashingtonPost_Six Takeaways from Anthony Fauci’s and Other Health Officials’ Testimony_5-12-20

Gothamist_NY Health Officials Caught Off Guard By New Childhood Illness Linked to COVID-19_5-11-20

Forbes_Stimulus Payment Round 2- A Rundown of the 3 Current Stimulus Proposals_4-21-20

BISNOW_NYC Council Introducing New Rent Debt Protection Measures_4-22-20

IREM_Real Estate Advocacy Initiatives_4-21-20

Politico_Senate Passes $484 Billion Coronavirus Deal After Weeks of Deadlock_4-21-20

REBNY Calls For A Landlord Bailout

CHG ALERT UPDATE 3-13-20 (008)

Gotham Gov Cuomo Gives NY HomeOwners Covid Mortgage Benefit

NYS News Regional Coalition to Combat COVID-19


WHO_Healthy Diet

WHO_Looking After Our Mental Health

WHO Statement- Tobacco Use & COVID-19_5-11-20

CDC_Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children Assoc With COVID-19 5-14-20

Cooperator_ COVID, Communication & The Law Webinar_5-13-20

CDC Video _ How COVID-19 Can Spread in a Community_5-6-20

CARES Child Care Scholarship Parent Application


CDC COVID-19 and Pets

CDC COVID-19 School Dismissals and Children

CDC COVID-19 and Children

CDC Running Essential Errands

The Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) -

New York State Department of Health (NYS DOH) -

Executive Orders of the Governor of New York State -

World Health Organization-